Anonymous asked: Is Jake still the only one with a girlfriend??

Nope, not anymore! I’ve actually gotten one and she’s awesome, but now we’re the only two with girlfriends

wewontgrowup asked: If you would know that you'll die tomorrow, what would you do today?

I’d drive to see the ocean for the first time in my life

konohashinobi asked: Wait i had a shout out??
I'm confused!
I didn't even get to listen to it...

Didn’t you ask a question through twitter of facebook? I thought you did haha

roakcm03 asked: hahah. we were all sitting there like "how does he not know its you?!" but yeah that was probably the best conversation i have had in a while. ahhahah. oh btw...Carrie actually was wearing the pikatchu slippers. hahah she said it was important that you know.

Haha it absolutely is important that I knew that, most important part of the whole conversation!

rafikislair-deactivated20130412 asked: im confused is it gonna be a video or like an interactional video? hahaha

Haha we don’t have anything planned but it’ll just be a regular video, none of us have skype or anything so I hope that’s good enough!

roakcm03 asked: how do you feel knowing you were talking to a 'cool kat' earlier. haha omg. you have no idea how hard we were laughing at that whole conversation!

Yeah you pulled a fast one on me, shoulda picked up on it after she kept talking about how “cool” Caitlin was haha

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carissabauman asked: Do you think you'll come thru seattle soon?

I hate to say it but i doubt it, so sorry :( During the school year we can only play on weekends and breaks so our best bet for that would be the summer but it’s probably a longshot, it would be super expensive and we’re all broke! Maybe one day though

Anonymous asked: I'm dancing in the Iowa Dance Marathon. you better come dance with us! ;)

Please, you better come dance with us!!! And you better come say hi! Just introduce yourself as that anonymous person from tumblr, I’ll know exactly who you are haha

rafikislair-deactivated20130412 asked: eh okay. someone should really take a photo of the signs and upload them somewhere. hahaha

was just talking to jake, hes up for the birthday video! :D
coming up pretty soon by the way danny! :)
and i miss talking to you on fb:D

I’ll be back soon enough! And you better get pumped for your birthday video, it’s gonna be crazy!!!!

Anonymous asked: if you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be?

Hmmmmmm that’s a toughie but I’m gonna say some sort of bird, probably like an eagle, cuz I’ve always wanted to fly. Sometimes I have dreams were I can fly and I get so bummed out when I wake up haha so it would defintely be awesome to do that.